Our Automotive Alchemists. Each comes to you with varied experience from the automotive community. 


As a businessman in other industries, Ray was excited to capitalize on the the synergies of his professional career and lifelong passion. In 2018, his unfaltering entrepreneurial spirit and his obsession for all things automobile led to the establishment which you experience today; Cfsports Auto.

Culminating twelve years of automotive and cultural  experiences to the table; Ray has a wide range of expertise from wet sanding to compound polishing and vinyl wrap installation. He still maintains strong relationships overseas, allowing him to procure some of the best carbon fiber components in the industry. Priding himself with his ability to observe the smallest surface nuances and drive for perfection, he works tirelessly to meet the needs of each client. Ray is committed to providing you a bespoke experience with your interaction with Cfsport in all aspects from delivery of your automotive aspirations and thru the creative process that you've entrusted us with.

Waiman "Ray" Chan


Chris Lawson is a Build Consultant, Mechanical, Electrical Technician and the creator of all things that are bad ass. Chris started his obsession with automobiles at a young age and like many people, that's thanks to the influence of his family. His obsession grows constantly as his thirst for knowledge never ends. He has 20+ years in the automotive industry performing everything from lube technician, parts store manager to motor swaps, wiring diagnosis, installation and repair. He has worked on everything from a 1950's Nash to spankin' new high end German krautfed rockets. Chris' specialties don't just translate to automobiles as he also diagnoses and repairs motorcycles, boats, trailers and pretty much anything with wheels. Chris' current project is a 1985 Nissan 300ZX that he has swapped a Holley EFI'd 355 SBC with a Muncie 4 Speed transmission into that he can daily drive and has some fun autocrossing with. He has been featured in Pontiac High Tech Magazine for his work on a 1977 Pontiac Le Mans Smokey and the Bandit tribute car.


Chris Lawson


Through providing leadership in R&D for various consumer goods companies, Charles has influenced many products and packaging you interact with today. Currently, he is bringing his expertise in R&D to the automotive aftermarket community delivering products and services in a way that hasn't often been seen before. Charles earned a Bachelor of Industrial Design degree from Pratt Institute as well as an Executive Masters of Business specialized in international trade from Georgia State University. His experience of human factors and design strategy started under the guidance of Futurist Moni Wolf during his time at Motorola. Charles currently has over 29 utility patents (applied or issued) both on a national and global level. Charles is also a guest speaker on design & innovation at Mendoza College of Business at Notre Dame. He has also held event management roles with Andretti Sports Marketing,  Redbull Global Rallycross and currently with  FIA Formula E facilitating automotive races across the country. With over 10 years of experience, Charles has been identified as a leader in his profession and maintains relationships with various entrepreneurs and the academic community.


Charles Ho Fung